9 Faces of Clyde

9 Faces of Clyde

9 weird faces made by clyde
These are some self-portraits I took with my Pixel 3A. They reference a lot of work I’ve been thinking about that inspired me from 70s feminist art to Grotowski’s Poor Theatre to butoh.

And they’re kind of funny which is good. My work gets a bit somber at times.

The above piece is a screenshot from my Instagram account where I’m sharing photos. It was created for release on Twitter as part of #FaceYourArt2020.

I don’t know if I’ll tokenize these but I ran them through a Playform tool and I’m definitely tokenizing the somewhat creepy outcome. More soon!

PS – Some of the photos I share on Instagram may one day be tokenized but many already serve as raw material for cryptoart works to be minted.

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