The Artist’s Hands – Digital Needlework Edition

The Artist’s Hands – Digital Needlework Edition

grid of 12 images of hands in warm colors

I began experimenting with Playform as a way to work with machine learning without having to get too technical. I think of my current use as more like a photo filter that does unexpected things.

The Artist’s Hands is my first series of works that combine key elements I want to explore moving forward. These works are based on my photos altered by machine learning that are then selected and arranged in a grid to create a larger piece.

Pretty simple really. I’ve actually shared a few of these on Twitter and use them as featured images for certain CryptoArtNet┬ápages.

The above work, The Artist’s Hands – Digital Needlework Edition, was tokenized on Cargo for inclusion in the #ENDSARS Charity Auction organized by danil pan. Unfortunately I missed the deadline cause I seem to struggle every step of the way.

The title came from comments on Twitter that it looked like embroidery.

This mint is probably going to be burned and reminted for various reasons but it will eventually be available for sale as part of a larger The Artist’s Hands release. All will be 1/1 editions.

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