Wash Your Artist’s Hands for #ArtUnderQuarantine

Wash Your Artist’s Hands for #Art UnderQuarantine

Wash Your Artist’s Hands is a 1/1 edition from The Artist’s Hands series by Flux Art aka Clyde F Smith.

The Artist’s Hands series is based on a number of photographs the artist took of his hands and then subjected to machine learning. The results are then arranged in grid-like patterns.

This is the second NFT created in the series. The first was The Artist’s Hands – Digital Needlework Edition.

Wash Your Artist’s Hands was created April 15, 2020. It was subsequently minted for the Digital Hatt Gallery’s #ArtUnderQuarantine collection.

This image has also been used regularly as a featured image for CryptoArtNet which was founded by the artist.


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